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World Business Chicago

World Business Chicago.

World Business Chicago is committed to supporting Chicago’s business and corporate community during this challenging time.

Find the Center of Tomorrow: Chicago.

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2020 Chicago Consular Corps Gala.

Please save the date for the 2020 Chicago Consular Corps Gala on November 6, 2020 at the Hilton-Chicago.

Consuls general from around the world working to promote cultural and economic relations between the City of Chicago and their respective countries.

graduates from 132 degree-granting colleges & universities.

Tremendous Talent.

Stellar educational institutions, including two of the world’s top business schools, develop a steady stream of talent in Chicago. The city’s downtown “Loop” is the largest college town in Illinois.

Central Location.

Chicago is at the center of the east-west nexus joining Europe and Asia, and the north-south nexus of NAFTA. Our airport system handles 1,460 daily departures, with non-stop service to 200+ global destinations. Six of the nation’s seven Class I railroads connect here, and virtually every major data network in the world intersects here.

Best connected airport in the U.S. according to MIT’s Airport Connectivity Quality Index.

is the largest portion of the workforce that any single industry employs in Chicago.

Most Diversified Economy in the U.S.

Chicago’s not a one-industry-town. That diversification keeps the economy strong even during times of trouble for certain sectors.